Saturday, April 28, 2012

China Glaze Prismatic Collection

This is the first time I feel like I have bought a whole collection (at least at one time).  I had coupons and my eyes were drawn to the sparkle.  I did enjoy this collection, but I do have some reservations about it.

--Very good opacity for glitter nail polish with 4 of the 6 colors.  But the more sheer colors are still great for layering.
--Duo-Chrome and Glitter?  Of course!!!  They really are great shades for spring and so sparkly once top coat is applied
--Good application.

--The Duo-Chrome is often lost and only found in the best of lighting once on the nail.  I was a bit disappointed the shade-shifting wasn't more defined.
--I found Prism and Liquid Crystal to be vere similar colors (blue with purple hues VS purple with blue hues.  I have a bottle shot where I'd swear it was the same color: (Liquid Crystal is left, Prism is right)

--Poor staying power.  I found chips in less that 24 hours.  I always find that so sad with such pretty glitters.  (which is probably why I prefer adding my own glitter to my manicures.)
--This isn't specific to this line, but with all glitter polishes like this, they are VERY tedious to get off when you want to remove them.  (My recommendation is cotton cut to nail shape, dipped in acetone and finger tips wrapped in foil for several minutes).

Hope you enjoy the collection.  Check out my individual posts for the six colors Prism, Liquid Crystal, Optical Illusion, Ray-Diant, Polarized and Full Spectrum.  What did you think of this collection?

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