Sunday, August 28, 2011

Zoya Jolene

I'll admit that I bought this color for its name. I have an affinity for the song by Dolly Parton. Now, I have an affinity for this color. It has been a staple in my water marbling and it's such a bright and lovely pink creme. Perfection. I have it here painted in three coats. My bottle is running low and I'll surely replace her when I have to! Jolene is from the Flash Collection.

Zoya Paris

Perfect vampy dark burgundy. Paris is a glossy, wonderfully dark color. You can see the base is red toned. Application was perfection and these photos show three coats. It was so shiny it was hard to take a picture that didn't show off a lot of glare!

Zoya Crystal

Crystal is a very unique and pretty frosty blue with gold flecks. She's from the Flame Collection and has good application. I see some bald spots in this photo, but it's probably more from fast painting, not problematic application.

Zoya Apple

Apple is from Zoya's Sunshine Collection and is perfectly named for its likeness to green apples. It's shimmery and fun, however it's a bit light on application. I have painted three coats and you can still see it's a bit on the sheer side.

Zoya Tiffany

From Zoya's Flame Collection, Tiffany is a neutral, peachy shimmer. It's sparkly, but subtle. I like it for times I want something light but fun. You can see it has a lot of depth in the varying shades of sparkle flecks. I have painted three coats.

Zoya Valerie

Valerie hails from Zoya's Flame Collection (one of their best collections in my opinion). It's a very pretty purple that has golden and pink undertones in the shimmer. It is a fantastic, vampy color that has great application. I have painted three coats in my photos.

Zoya Reva

Reva is from Zoya's Sunshine Collection and is described as a strawberry red with gold flecks. I like that description. Though not unlike some reds I have, the gold is more pronounced than any of the other red sparkles I have from Zoya. It's very pretty and application was great. I have painted three coats in these photos.

Zoya Charla

This is a favorite for me. Hands down. It is just the most beautiful aqua shimmer I've had the pleasure of meeting. With golden sparkles and blue and green undertones, it looks different depending on the light, but it is shimmery no matter what! I wish it was easier to capture in photos, but I've done my best. I'm showing you three coats of Charla. This color is from the Zoya Sparkle Collection.

Zoya Mimi

Mimi had so much potential as a great purple, sparkly shimmer, but she was a bit of a disappointment to me. Normally I have great application with Zoya, but Mimi had a jelly base that was not terrific for coverage. As you can see in the photos, after three coats, I still had some bald spots and you can see my smile lines. Oh well. Then good thing is I have other great purples from Zoya to choose from. Mimi is from the Sparkle Collection.

Zoya Lisa

Want a great red with a kick? This is it. Lisa is a fantastic almost foil finish red that I don't know how I ever lived without. So pretty. From the Flame Collection, application is great and I'm showing Lisa off in three coats. She is so hard to capture in photos, but trust me--its a fabulous sparkler.

Zoya Edyta

I am a sucker for a good, vampy shade. This is it. Edyta is from Zoya's Wicked Collection and it a great forest green that has gold flecks and shimmer to it. Application is great and I have painted three coats for these photos.

Zoya Jules

Jules is a great neutral shimmer from the Intimate Collection. Its golden flecks make it really stand out and shine but it remains a low-key color. I like it very much. It is a bit on the sheer side, but in three coats (as shown) it is decently opaque.


Without flash:

Zoya Dannii

Danni is a light purple shimmer from Zoya's Intimate Collection. It is light and pretty with golden flecks. Application is great; photos show three coats of polish.

Zoya Suvi

Suvi is a very nice emerald green shimmer from Zoya. Application is great and pictures show three coats.

Zoya Marley

Marley is a nice, pastel, purple shimmer from Zoya's Intimate Collection. It is such a great, light, wonderful color. Great application and my photos show three coats of polish.

Zoya Caitlin

Love this color. It's from Zoya's Intimate Collection and I'm not sure how to describe it. Zoya says its a purple-tinged gray. I think that's appropriate. My pictures show a lot of blue undertones, but it's a lot more dusty than they suggest. Either way, it's just unlike any color I have and it is very pretty. Application is fantastic and photos here show three coats of polish.

Zoya Jacy

This is such a pretty color in the bottle, but for me was a disappointment when I put it on. The application was on the thin side and it wasn't as opaque as I wanted. But for me the bigger disappointment was in the wear; it chipped really fast. It's a great concept color--I love the blue flecks in the polish, but for me it didn't deliver. Jacy is from the Pulse Collection and I have painted three coats in the photo below.

Zoya Jo

This is a color from Zoya's Twist Collection. I have to say I thought I was going to love this color much more than I do. I'm not really a big fan, but I can't really say why. I just don't like the way it looks on me. However as far as application, it was great. Photo shows three coats.

Zoya Kieko

Another Zoya Summertime Collection polish. Kieko is a purple that has a lot of red/pink undertones. It's not quite pink and it's not quite berry, but it is pretty. Application was great and photos here show three coats of polish.

Zoya Skye

I love my bright colors and flashy nails, but there are times I just want a good nude. This is it for me. I love it because of it's opaqueness. I am not a fan of sheer polishes and this nude creme applies like a dream and, for me, really compliments my skin tone. It is a bit hard to capture in photos so I'm showing the difference between flash and no flash. I have painted three coats.


No flash:

Zoya Harley

From Zoya's Twist Collection, this is a nice gray shimmer. I really like the sheen with this color and as I have said before, I love the gray tones with nail polish. Great application, pictures are three coats of polish.


No flash:

Zoya Dove

I am really digging gray nail polish and this one is a great one. It's from the Intimate Collection from Zoya. It has great application and is a perfect gray creme. Here it is shown in three coats.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Zoya Breezi

This color is from Zoya's Summertime Collection. It's a nice bright blue creme. It has nice application and is shown in these photos with three coats.

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