Friday, June 29, 2012

Zoya Arizona

I knew when I was going to purchase colors from Zoya's Beach and Surf Collection that Arizona was going to be a must (on the Beach side of the Collection).  I just loved the soft, creamy orange color and had to make it mine.  While I am not disappointed in the color, I was disappointed in the application.  You might be able to see the streaks in the pictures, but I felt as I was painted, I kept getting bald spots and streaks in my application--which I HATE.  It might not be too noticeable to you, but if I can notice it, I'm not happy.  Oh well, I think I'll just have to be cognizant of that when applying it for future manicures.  My photos show three coats.

Zoya Kimber

From Zoya's Beach and Surf Collection, Kimber is an awesome pink/magenta with gold micro glitter (from the Surf side).  It's a really bright and amazing color I'm glad I purchased.  Application and opacity were great.  Shown here in three colors.

Zoya Zuza

Zuza is from Zoya's Beach and Surf collection (this is the Surf side).  It's a nice shimmering turquoise/aqua color.  Zoya says it has a near foil finish, and the shimmer certainly does give the shade a great finished look.  It had nice application and opacity.  It did stain a bit when I removed it, which I'm always surprised by which colors end up staining my nails.  I've painted it here in three coats:

China Glaze Surfin' For Boys

I'm going to admit that on the stand, I was not initially drawn to this color from China Glaze's Summer Neons Collection.  However, on second look, I realized it has a shimmer and dimension to it that actually made me purchase it.  And I am SOOOO glad I did.  It's such a great, bright neon coral and I love it.  Application was perfect and It is shown here in three coats (The photos do not do its brightness justice).

China Glaze Sun-Kissed

From China Glaze's Summer Neons Collection, this is a highlighter yellow with a shimmer that really makes it glow.  It is great in its opacity for a yellow, but I found the application/density to be on the thick side and a bit hard to work with in my nail art.  Drying time takes a bit longer.  But for a neon yellow, it's on point.  Here it is in three coats.

China Glaze Ride The Waves

This blue is from China Glaze's Summer Neons Collection for 2012.  I'm always a sucker for a bright blue (mostly due to it looking like my scooter color, which I love).  This color is bright, but I was a little disappointed with the application.  It is definitely more on the jelly in it's application than creme.  I had to surely do three coats for any comfortability with opacity, but hesitated to do more because it seemed on the thick side in terms of density.  Needless to say, I was a bit disappointed.  I'm showing it here in three coats.

Zoya Ivanka

I've always wanted this color from Zoya since the Sparkle Collection came out, but have only recently purchased it when I had a coupon for Ulta.  It is a very pretty emerald sparkle, but for me, I felt like it was not as opaque as I wanted it.  I have it shown here in three coats.

Friday, June 15, 2012

China Glaze Pink Voltage

From China Glaze's Ink Collection, this is a neon I recently picked up at Sally's Beauty Supply.  I like that it has a bit of a shimmer to it.  It was very difficult to capture it's true color in my photos.  The low light blur photo is the most true to the neon of the color.  I have it painted in three coats.

China Glaze Hey Sailor

A true and beautiful red.  I love this creme red from China Glaze Anchor's Away Collection.  It has great shine, application and opacity.  Pictures make it look a bit on the orange side, but it's not orange.  it's red, red.  This is three coats (never mind the dirty bottle).

China Glaze Sweet Hook

Love this color from China Glaze's Electropop Collection.  It's a perfect lavender creme with great coverage and application.  Here it is shown in three coats.

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