Saturday, March 17, 2012

China Glaze Capitol Colors: The Hunger Games

I was excited several months back when I heard China Glaze was coming out with a Hunger Games collection in honor of the books and upcoming movie. I knew I would be purchasing whatever I could from the collection. Of course, then it ended up in my local Sally's and my first impression of this collection was "this is truly a good polish collection's representation of a dystopian novel"-- mostly because I really only wanted a handful of the colors. In some ways, I found many of the colors extremely bland and depressing--much like the themes in dystopian stories. That said, I have half of the "districts" from this collection. And some of them are truly amazing. I have swatched the colors I thought were worth buying (Smoke And Ashes, Riveting, Harvest Moon, Stone Cold, Luxe And Lush, Fast Track).  Check out those posts and enjoy!  For the rest I haven't swatched, check out China Glaze's website for more details.

China Glaze Luxe And Lush

Yay for China Glaze's Capitol Colors Collection for having a flakie.  This color represents District 1, Luxury (and the district I was sorted into online).  It's a good multi-colored flakie that brings out several colors, it's not just two-toned.  It does however have a kind of hazy finish or at least the base color is not crystal clear.  I found it to be a bit muddy.  However, a nice, shiny top coat should bring out some of the sparkle in the flakes.  I'm not showing it with a top coat, maybe you can pick up on some of that cloudiness if you enlarge the pictures.  I have painted three coats over China Glaze Liquid Leather.

China Glaze Harvest Moon

A foil finish, copper color from China Glaze Capitol Color Collection.  Harvest Moon represents District 9--Grain in the Hunger Games.  I didn't pick this color up on first glance because I thought I had a color similar to it (I was thinking of China Glaze In Awe of Amber), but when I came across it again, I make sure to get it.  I wasn't disappointed and although it is similar to Amber it's definitely more pigmented and a complete foil finish.  Application was great and it's a very nice color.  I am showing it in three coats.  The pictures show a bit of the difference in colors it picks up.  I'd say the second picture is a bit more true to real life color.

China Glaze Stone Cold

This is China Glaze Capitol Colors Collection's interpretation of District 2 (Masonry).  It's a surprise in the collection due to its matte finish.  I do like matte finishes but never know what to do when it comes to top coats.  I always do a top coat, but I guess to keep its integrity, I'll either have to go without or use my matte top coat.  Back on topic of this color: I like it.  It has a nice dark charcoal base with silver micro flecks.  Plus, it's application is amazing.  If you haven't guessed already, I am a three coat girl.  Always paint most of my colors in three coats, but this polish was so incredibly opaque, I only needed two--and that's what I'm showing for these photos.

China Glaze Fast Track

Representing District 6 (Transportation) from the Hunger Games, this China Glaze Capitol Colors Collection hue is a nice twist on a nude/neutral polish.  It has a great base with an amazing gold micro-fleck glitter.  I like it for a neutral color with a little something extra.  It had great coverage and I have it painted here in three coats.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

China Glaze Riveting

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this color.  From China Glaze Capitol Colors Collection, this is an awesome sparkling orange.  So pretty.  Really amazing.  Besides Smoke and Ashes, this is definitely one of my favorite colors from the collection.  It has nice application and is nice and opaque.  I'm showing it in three coats.

China Glaze Smoke And Ashes

Yay for the Hunger Games!  From China Glaze Capitol Colors Collection, this is the polish the represents district 12 (where our lovely Katniss is from).  I wish you could see the awesomeness of this color, but the underlying sparkles are so pretty and they do not translate for these pictures.  But trust me, this color is awesome.  Very opaque and great application.  I'm showing it here in three coat.

China Glaze Instant Chemistry

Check out my iPolished blog post on my thoughts on China Glaze's Magnetix Collection HERE.  Opacity is great.  One coat is nearly enough, but two always makes a better magnetic polish look. Here is the polish with and without being magnetized.

China Glaze Attraction

Check out my iPolished blog post on my thoughts on China Glaze's Magnetix Collection HERE.  Opacity is great.  One coat is nearly enough, but two always makes a better magnetic polish look.  I'm showing you all three of the magnets from China Glaze, plus two coats of polish before it's magnetized.

OPI A Roll In The Hague

So glad for spring and brighter colors. This color is from OPI's Holland Collection  I was immediately attracted to this color, even if I'm not a huge fan always of OPI.  The color was clear as the bottle and I was very happy with the color.  (I'm not a fan of the crazy big brush OPI uses; I don't think it is the best for the cuticle detail).  This is three coats.  I'm not sure how true the color is, but it's a great, bright tangerine.

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