Tuesday, February 28, 2012

China Glaze Princess Grace

This color from China Glaze's Monte Carlo Collection was a total let down for me.  I should have stayed away from the frosty finish in the first place since I hate to see brush strokes (although for a frost, it's not terrible).  But it's way to sheer/not sheer enough for me to do anything with it.  It would be hard to layer with because it is streaky and too opaque for a shimmer.  Oh, well.  They can't all be winners for me.  It does work great for marbling (if you need a near clear color).  I have it shown here in three coats.

Orly Royal Navy

From their In The Navy Collection for 4th of July, Orly has made a very pretty, shimmery blue.  The shimmer is almost teal in its reflection.  Although I love the color and the application was decent, the wear was not.  I started getting chips in less than 24 hours.  I hate that, and frankly, I find that to be the case with many Orly polishes which is why, although often pretty, I avoid them.  Oh well.  I'm sure I will get layering uses out of this one.  It's painted in three coats in this solo pic.

OPI Mod About You

I love a pastel pink and needed a replacement for my China Glaze Something Sweet.  This color is from OPI's Brights Collection.  Application was good, nice and opaque.  Happy about this creme.  Three coats were used for this picture.

China Glaze Gothic Lolita

Of all the colors from China Glaze's Electropop Collection, I was drawn to this one the most.  I don't have a color like it (which I feel like with many of the colors in this collection).  It is a purple that has a shimmery finish with blue and red undertones.  Very pretty.  I was a bit worried it was going to be on the sheer side, but it was nice an opaque.  Plus of the other colors I have from this collection, this application was excellent.  It is shown here in three coats.

China Glaze Electric Beat

From China Glaze Electropop Collection, this is a nice, pale blue creme on the dusty side.  I like it very much.  Application was decent, although a bit thick.  It was very opaque in two coats, however this is three coats.

China Glaze Dance Baby

This is a nice, brighter than pastel, pink from China Glaze's Electropop Collection.  I think it dries a bit darker and brighter than what the color looks like in the bottle.  Application was decent--a bit on the thick side, but very opaque.  I have it painted here in three coats.

OPI I Have A Herring Problem

From the Holland collection, this is a dusty blue with gold micro glitter.  It is a nice hue with decent application.  But as with most OPI polish, I feel it always needs three coats for opacity I'm comfortable with.  It is shown as such:

Friday, February 10, 2012

China Glaze Up All Night

I'm a sucker for blue nail polish and this one does not disappoint.  Love it.  It's dark, shimmery, opaque and wonderful; it's from the collection Patent Leather in the City.  

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