Saturday, March 17, 2012

China Glaze Capitol Colors: The Hunger Games

I was excited several months back when I heard China Glaze was coming out with a Hunger Games collection in honor of the books and upcoming movie. I knew I would be purchasing whatever I could from the collection. Of course, then it ended up in my local Sally's and my first impression of this collection was "this is truly a good polish collection's representation of a dystopian novel"-- mostly because I really only wanted a handful of the colors. In some ways, I found many of the colors extremely bland and depressing--much like the themes in dystopian stories. That said, I have half of the "districts" from this collection. And some of them are truly amazing. I have swatched the colors I thought were worth buying (Smoke And Ashes, Riveting, Harvest Moon, Stone Cold, Luxe And Lush, Fast Track).  Check out those posts and enjoy!  For the rest I haven't swatched, check out China Glaze's website for more details.

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